About Us

DesignerBrandsforLess began in 1987 in California as a fashion forward chain of retail stores offering up to 90% off of retail.

The CEO started from very humble beginnings at the age of 14. The concept was to get authentic department store brands and sell them in retail locations at a huge discount.

Like many small businesses, I started with a great idea and a lot of hard work. With my retail buying degree, business background and great sense of fashion, this was the perfect business for me to demonstrate all my skills.

All the buyers and major manufactures shopped at my store to see what new trends were popular. I also had a celebrity cliental and following and was in over 1620 magazines from InStyle to Oprah every week for many years.

Now I offer you brand new, designer clothes and accessories from upscale department stores and many other major manufacturers, at up to 90% off retail!!

After having numerous retail stores and carts we built relationships with many upscale department stores and catalogues so we can offer you huge savings.

For the first time, we are launching an online fashion experience for those, who believe as we do, that designer fashions don't have to come with a high price tag.

We cater to savvy, stylish, brand lovers, and budget conscious individuals.

Our company not only strives to sell the best designer brands of clothing and accessories but we are pricing them according to the economic times. Most of our items are up to 90% off the retail price.

We add tons of new styles daily to keep you at the forefront of fashion always.

We guarantee all out items are authentic or you get your money back. Also almost all of our items are currently selling in department stores now!

We also guarantee best prices on the same designer item, color, size, and style within 14 days of purchase.

We want to be #1 and we will do whatever it takes to make you a satisfied customer, you're our #1 priority!!

Have fun shopping at DesignerBrandsforLess, because saving money is always a blast!

Thank you for shopping at Designerbrandsforless!